Commercial Snow Removal Services

By: domenique | December 30, 2014

  1. Avoid weather related accidents that costs time and money.

Whether you are a seasonal property manager or a full-time property owner, protecting the safety of your employees and patrons are always priority. Likewise, protecting your company is just as important. Employing a winter contract for your property will not only save time and money, but it will eliminate the headache of dealing with legal matters of an avoidable slip and fall accident.

2. Receive professional results with no harm to your property.

There are many instances where properties are damaged during snow and ice removal sessions. But hiring a reliable snow removal company eliminates damages like signs being knocked over and/or concrete indentations. Professional...

By: domenique | December 23, 2014

We will be turning a new year in approximately 10 short days. For most of us, conversations about the new year includes resolutions, de-cluttering our offices, and finalizing business plans for 2015. Hypothetically speaking, if we had a conversation with Mother Nature, it would probably discuss her explanation for a late snow date.

Warm winter temperatures are raising questions about if there will be any snow accumulation before the new year at all. For the rest of the week (Dec.22-Dec.26), temperatures will reach low-mid 50’s and a high of 61 degrees on Christmas Eve.


These temperatures certainly aren’t normal and is the reason for wondering just what mother nature is up to. Our predictions are that we will see the bulk...

By: domenique | December 20, 2014

When shopping for winter equipment, we look for durability and reliability. With confidence, we picked up a new Boss VBX Spreader to tackle our winter contracts. Most of our clients have driveways and parking lots that needs salting services during icy weather conditions. Boss products has a reputation to deliver toughness in any weather condition. This spreader is equipped with stainless steal components to resist corrosion and ease maintenance. The Boss VBX Spreader will perform with our 4X4 dump truck. We're ready to salt any size commercial parking lot or driveways this winter. 

By: domenique | December 11, 2014

Reliable snow removal equipment results in reliable snow removal. We recently added a 2015 Fisher snow plow to our 4x4 dump truck. Fisher has never steered us wrong with purchasing the perfect plow for our trucks. Our equipment is maintained year round to decrease any chances of mechanical failure - increasing our readiness. 

Checkout our Youtube video below to hear the owner of DSR talk about our new Fisher Snow Plow. 

By: VINCENT DOUGLASS | December 10, 2014

Here at DSR, we check the weather daily to stay abreast of what's happening in the atmosphere. Take a look at the photo above. As you can see, Winter Storm Damon will be bringing freezing precipitation in the Philadelphia area. Property Managers should expect slippery walkways, driveways, and ramps this week. This is the perfect time to confirm a dependable snow and ice removal service. Phone calls and emails are rolling in for our salting services and possible snow removal. While we may not get as much snow accumulation as the northern states, we advise you to plan for a winter emergency. Mother nature may decide to surprise us with more snow and/or freezing rain than we are expecting. We can't stress enough the importance of secur...