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By: domenique | November 11, 2014


Tyson’s Corner Center(Virginia) after a snow storm.

At Dependable Snow Removal, we understand the importance of preparing properties for the unpredictable winter season. Planning ahead for freezing weather conditions are as critical as turning on the “Open” sign at the start of a business day. Dealing with mother natures aftermath at the last minute not only hinders productivity, but puts visitors and employees in danger of slip and fall accidents. Freezing rain, heavy snowfall and sleet makes walkways and parking lots vulnerable to ugly lawsuits. The photo above is an example of a vulnerable parking lot after a heavy snowfall in Virginia. It’s evident that this property did not prepare to clear their parking lot for the sta...

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By: domenique | October 27, 2014


This winter, we are steering clear of any salty dry spells. Last years frequent snowstorms produced more ice than what salt manufacturers could yield. This resulted in insoluble frozen walkways, driveways, and steps. “No Bueno”. As a company who values property safety, we understand the importance of preventing lawsuits from slip and fall accidents. We’ve employed precautions to guarantee coverage for our clients during the entire winter season. Shopping de-icing agents early, especially when it comes to Magnesium Chloride saves time and budget loss (two important factors when managing dozens of snow removal plans). Although this particular salting agent is more expensive than rock salt, we enjoy using it for a couple of re...

By: domenique | October 25, 2014

On Sunday, October 19, the U.S National Weather Service released a Meter observation on their Facebook "Like" page. The weather report consisted of codes revealing an early snow filled surprise in Mount Pocono, PA.  Check it out below. 


NBC10 First Alert Weather Meteorologist Michelle Grossman decoded sequence “SNB09E20” in the post below. It looks like mother nature chose Pennsylvania for the first snow fall of the season. Read below.



Fortunately, Dependable Snow Removal have prepared for the winter season all year long. We are excited to hear that snow made it to Pennsylvania first. 

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