Commercial Snow Removal Services

By: domenique | November 25, 2014

Fingers and hands are very vulnerable to the cold, so keep them covered. Very thin gloves (like "magic gloves") are better than nothing, but comfortable, warm gloves are important.

Whether you're active in hiking, skiing, camping or snow plowing this winter, properly layering your garments will keep warmth from escaping and prevent possible dangers of hypothermia and frostbite. The advantage of layers during activities are being able to add or remove garments to adapt to changing body temperatures. Most importantly, focusing on covering extremities rather than insulating your core while active outdoors will eliminate overheating and excessive sweating. Read on for a list of winter outerwear accessories that will protect you during your winter activities:


In cold weather, you can lose a fair amount of warmth through your head, if left unprotected. Winter hats and beanies are a...