Commercial Snow Removal Services

By: domenique | December 20, 2014

When shopping for winter equipment, we look for durability and reliability. With confidence, we picked up a new Boss VBX Spreader to tackle our winter contracts. Most of our clients have driveways and parking lots that needs salting services during icy weather conditions. Boss products has a reputation to deliver toughness in any weather condition. This spreader is equipped with stainless steal components to resist corrosion and ease maintenance. The Boss VBX Spreader will perform with our 4X4 dump truck. We're ready to salt any size commercial parking lot or driveways this winter. 

By: VINCENT DOUGLASS | October 23, 2014

Philadelphia Code 10-720 Regarding Snow Removal From Sidewalks

According to Philadelphia Code (10-720),

  1. "the owner, agent, and tenants of any building or premise shall clear a path of not less than 36" in width on all sidewalks, including curb cuts, abutting the building or premises within 6 (six) hours after the snow has ceased to fall. The path shall be thoroughly cleared of snow and ice. Where the width of any pavement measured from the property line to the curb is less than 3 (three) feet, the path cleared may be only 12 inches in width. When the building in question is a multifamily dwelling the owner or his agent shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of this section."

  2. Snow or ice rem...