Commercial Snow Removal Services

Dependable Snow Removal Services

Dependable Snow Removal can provide a full service contract. We offer salting, snow hauling and snow removal. We are on call and ready to serve you 24 hours a day. Our reliable snow removal services include a repeat visit to your facility to make sure that your property is safe from ice or slippery snow. Our number one goal is to avoid a slip and falls due to an icy pavement on your premises.

We are equipped with skid steers, backhoes and dump trucks to haul away unwanted piles of snow. Our trucks and plows are maintained throughout the year making us ready to respond to your upcoming winter needs.

        Our yard is fully stocked with large piles of dry salt stored in a silo. We manage salt and other deicing materials by forecasting and adjusting our salt inventory.

          Snow Removal in Philadelphia can be hazardous because of the volume of cars and pedestrians. Dependable Snow Removal's  vehicles are fully insured.  We insure our snow removal services with snowplow insurance which has up to a  $1 a million dollar coverage.

          Our service charge is determined by per inch of snow fall with a seasonal contracts. Let us develop a comprehensive snow removal plan for your property today. 

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